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2015 was another successful year at Yachay Wasi!!!

The year came to the end and we want to thank every and each person who has been part of this great year.
It was tough, we had to work very hard during the hole year, but we can say now that it was worthy. The Yachay Wasi children had a very happy year full of games, joyness, learning, songs and friends.
We all feel very grateful and rewarded for all we could achieve toghether.

To celebrate this we organized a big party. Some mothers cooked a "chocolatada" (hot chocolate) with paneton, there was a clown show, presents for the children and more surprises.

enjoying the chocolatadaHaving fun


 Children participated in a play in which they danced representing a story that they loved to listen to during the year. They worked hard with the teachers making their costumes and decorations the past weeks and it all looked amazing.

Families, children and teachers had a wonderful time toghether. We are glad to bring hapiness and joy to these great people, who rarely have the oportunity to live moments like this one.

Carlota and Gabriel, Gabi`s parents enjoying 

We want the following year to be better than this one. Our goal is to open a new classroom for the littlest ones. There are a lot of families, most of them single mothers, who are asking for attention to their 1 and a half and 2 year olds sons and daughters. We would love to help this women, but we need your help to make this happen and to make 2016 another happy year for our students. If you want to help us, please go to  or you can donate to our bank account in Peru.

Thank you very much for being part of this family and this success!!!

We wish you a great, peaceful and loving 2016!!!

Guillermina and all the Yachay Wasi family.


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Ya pasó medio año desde el comienzo de clases y estamos felices por nuestra unión con la escuela primaria KUSKA. Desde marzo de este año estamos compartiendo el espacio con ellos y nuestros proyectos educativos se unieron para que juntos podamos crecer y ofrecer a nuestros niños y niñas la oportunidad de acceder a una educación más consciente, en donde ellos son los protagonistas, donde son escuchados, donde pueden expresarse con libertad y confianza, donde pueden desarrollar su creatividad sin límites, donde pueden tomar decisiones, cuestionar y opinar, donde desarrollan su pensamiento crítico, su derecho de elegir con libertad, donde fortalecen su autoestima y afianzan la confianza en ellos mismos, donde practican valores como la solidaridad, igualdad, tolerancia y respeto. Donde desarrollan una conexión especial con la naturaleza y un respeto y conciencia absoluta hacia la Pachamama y todos los seres vivos. Y, principalmente, donde se sienten libres, felices y contenidos. Nuestr…


This is the last day of the year and making a balance of it, we feel that is the perfect moment to say THANK YOU!

We are really really grateful for all the help and support received, for the smiles on our little children´s faces, for the love and confidence of their families, for the strength and kindness of the teachers, for not giving up despite all the problems we´ve been through this year.

THANKS TO OUR FRIENDS AND SUPPORTERS, for helping us build our dreams, for helping usto offera respectful, loving and quality education to our children, and support to their families, for letting us show them that everything is possible with love and determination, for helping us to pass through this really hard year we had to face, and for giving us hope to continue.
THANKS TO OUR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES, for joiningthe hardest moments, for all the patience, effort and work they have done to help us with the new building. To the children for their tolerance, for being happy working below …